Hiking trails in the Giant Mountains

Okolo Pece (“Around Pec”)

  • Trail length: 5 km

The starting point is on the square by the “Hospoda na Peci” pub. Follow the wooden signs reading “Okolo Pece” (“Around Pec”). You can look forward to beautiful views, various educational and information panels as well as countless benches, allowing you to take a break. The trail leads from the square via Velká pláň, Chaloupky, then Malá pláň and back into the centre of Pec pod Sněžkou.

Vlčí jáma (“Wolf den”)

  • Trail length: 5 km (vertical drop 300 m)

Starting out the square, head out along the main road, where you will find the first information panels talking about the history of Pec pod Sněžkou as a former mining logging settlement. You will be able to walk the trail at a pleasant pace within three hours. It leads through the Javor ski slope, then Vysoký Svah, Zahrádky, Hnědý Vrch and finally back to Pec pod Sněžkou.

Zelený potok (“Green stream”)

  • Trail length: 8 km

The longest of the walking trails is the hike to Zelený potok. The trail begins at the Zelený potok car park and is marked. This is a walking trail that leads through a valley along a forest path by Zelený potok with several small waterfalls and cascades. Individual points of interest include the Zelený potok car park, Zelený důl, Jelení Louky, Chaloupky, Velká pláň and the centre of Pec pod Sněžkou.

To the Aichelburg forest castle

  • Trail length: 8 km (vertical drop 350 m)

You can find the Aichelburg forest castle in the middle of the woods at the end of the eight-kilometre trail. The forest castle was built in 1861 to commemorate Berthold Aichelburg – the enlightened owner of the manor. It is also possible to take a peek of the renovated castle hall. The trail leads from the centre of Pec pod Sněžkou through Velká Úpa, Vlašské boudy, then through Aichelburg towards Temný Důl. You can take the same trail on the way back.

Modrý důl (“Blue quarry”)

  • Trail length: 10 km (vertical drop 400 m)

You can take two trails to reach Modrý důl from Pec pod Sněžkou. The first leads from the city centre toward Bukové údolí, where we turn left and follow the red hiking trail toward Milíře and then on to Modrý důl. The second option is to continue along the blue hiking trail to Obří důl. From Obří důl, take the yellow trail toward Modrý důl.

Through Javoří důl (“Maple quarry”) to Černá hora (“Black Mountain”)

  • Trail length: 15 km (vertical drop 535 m)

The trail starts on the blue hiking trail from Pec pod Sněžkou toward Velká Úpa. After walking for 20 minutes, we arrive at Javoří mlýn. We then take the green trail all the way to Červenokostelcká bouda and then along the blue trail to the signpost at Thýmových boudy. From there, take the green trail again to Vlašské boudy. Continue along the yellow trail right to the border of the Černohorské rašeliniště (moorbog). Then head out to Pardubické boudy in the SW foothills of Černá hora. There you can enjoy the spectacular view, especially of Pec pod Sněžkou.

Through Růžohorky to Sněžka

  • Trail length: 15 km (vertical drop 850 m)

Head out using the signs toward Horská bouda Růžohorka. From there, with the help of further signage, continue to Sněžka directly along the Janovka station on Růžová hora. At a calm pace, you will be able to reach the highest point of the Czech Republic in 2.5 hours. To get back to Pec pod Sněžkou, go west from Sněžka toward “Dom Śląski Schronisko Górskie” (“Yellow hut”) and right at this hut, head south, following the signs to Pec od Sněžkou.

Malý Staw (“Small Lake”)

  • Trail length: 20 km (vertical drop 1150 m)

Don’t forget your ID, since this trail leads us onto the Polish side of the Krkonoše Mountains! Malý Staw is only 1.5 horus away from Sněžka. Thanks to the significant vertical drop we recommend taking the lift to Sněžka, or at least as far as Růžová hora. Once on Sněžka, head west toward Slezská bouda and from there head along the blue trail to the Polish side of the Krkonoše Mountains. The blue trail will lead you all the way to the "Strzecha Akademicka" hut. Be careful – the blue trail continues around the hut, but don’t continue along the road. We recommend following the signs because you’ll reach Malý Stav in a matter of minutes. You can purchase refreshments in the beautiful wooden chalet and lounge on the terrace, which offers a view of the lake.